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A recursive Installation event including painting, sculpture, performance, wearables, photo & video, explosions, and more.


Catskill, NY

June 20 - August 26, 2018


Through the superimposition of objects, photographs, video, action, painting, performance and narratives, We Can't Tell What We're Doing presses toward and hunts for a shift in meaning. This work is an inquiry and demonstration of a process that highjacks the past as a way to cultivate a future the way an AI robot might discover how to make sourdough bread out of itself. 


We Can't Tell What We're Doing is the discovery of a process that eats itself and then absorbs information from its own bowels. In attempt to manipulate spatial priority through ingesting inspections of object installation designed to illuminate internalized pockets of herniated or obstructed space where abstracted, impacted, and encrypted information and nutrient data might be stuck or diverted, this process reveals itself as a method that facilitates a solid flow of information that can be used to bind meaning and value to the motility of art in a regular way.

N I N A  A. I S A B E L L E 

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